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Chip-Chan is a young Korean woman, who lives in Seoul she was discoverd on in an unsecure webcam forum at somepoint Saterday, August 6th, 2011. As it turns out, she has two cameras, one that is a whole room veiw, and one that is a veiw of her desk. Which she was sitting at the first time she was brought to chanarchives atttention, she seemed to be slumpped in a very unnatural position in her computerchair, sporting a lime greentop black pants and blue sliper sock things, and all around her desk were these signs written in Korean. At first people thought she was dead but as the hour went by, she woke up breifly to scratch her leg. Now, with whether or not she was dead out of the way, why, was she set up with these 2 cameras watching her sleep?

Cam 1

Cam 2

After some reserch, chanarchive was able to find out some information, through one of her many blogs, put through google translate of corse.;ved=0CBsQ7gEwADgU&prev=/search%3Fq%3D

In this blog, She tells of a "Corrupt Policeman p" who stalked her in 1999. She then goes on to say, in 2006 she found out she had a VeriChip, in her ankle, put there by Police man p, and he uses it to hear and see everything she does, and with this VeriChip, he can control when she sleeps, and that he makes her sleep 20 hours a day. The cameras in her room are said to be put up by this Policeman p, She keeps them there to monitor what happen when she is asleep. She has been brodcasting these cameras since 2008, and states that if she moves the cameras to not show her, or if she is gone for to long, policeman p will make her sleep. I assume as time wore on he made her sleep less for what we have seen she doesn't sleep as often.
There is apperently a chat room where you can talk to Chip-Chan (We don't know her real name, We call her Chip-Chan. Chip, due to the VeriChip, and Chan due to her being discoverd on But we havn't been succesfull in finding her on it, it is also, in Korean. On sunday the 7th and Monday the 8th, of August, a few people sent her e-mails to which we belive she recived later on the evening of the 8th because she began to cry and moved all of her stuff to the other side of the room (partialy visible from camera 2) later that day or possibly early the the next morning, she stationed herself back in the visinity of her desk.
Now, the signs around her desk, someone who was fluent in Korean was able to translate some of them, although they said the grammer was horrid, the letters blocky, and the dialect very odd, It's possible she isn't orrigionaly from Korea, or Seouls itself.
Her first large poster’s (pictured) closest translation was something along the lines of, “You can’t make the person unconscious only 7pm to 10pm.” Some pointed out that the characters “경정P” either didn’t mean anything, or was some sort of name. Again, since the quality of her cameras are extremely low, it’s near impossible to make out her writing. Other translations that were given of the other signs:

“don’t get tricked/don’t be fooled.”
“Early every morning”
“If someone comes that will paralyze (the person)”
“I can’t be stopped.”
(and apperently there is somethig about a Tall or slender man)

It seems she has blogs on almost all the blog sites you can name. Here are some that we have found so far.!/verichipp

She also has a Youtube Channel under the name verichipp, we have yet to find anyone to translate what she sais in them, so, if you are fluent in Korean and would like to help us out with that, send me a message.  (

When I started watching on the 9th of August, she was sleeping, I watched for a few hours, and nothing of interest happend, but when she woke up, she started to re-tape her signs on the window, and move them around, she may have even put new signs up, but like I said, I'm not fluent in Korean so they may be the same signs in different positions. After that she went to get something to eat. Later on that evening she got up and moved to the side of the room you can't see on camera. About five minutes later, she moved the camera to show her pileing boxes against a door, she left after that for a while, and I fell asleep.
The next morning she was doing her normal stuff, i.e. What I assume is watching movies, although that seems to normal. It's possible she was reading the threads about herself on chanarchive, we assume she does this due to the fact that sometimes, a sign will fall, or something will be mentioned, and if we make a comment about it she will fix it, shortly after.
Later during the evening of the 10th of August, I checked to see what she was doing, she was sleeping, but, She had changed out of her lime green t-shirt after, at least 5 days of wearing it, into a, what I thought was a white short sleeved dress shirt, I later realized, when she was awake, that it was a long sleeved shirt with the arms rolled up.

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