Friday, 18 November 2011

Hello Chippie followers

I have been gone for a few months, and probably wont update too too often.
But I thought the other day, I wonder what has happend with Chip-Chan, and well, apperently I have missed quite a bit.
I was looking through tumblr and found this a much better account of Chip-chans doings, where they have linked my blog, I have sent more information there than I have posted here, but I thought "well I should probably do some updates on her shouldn't I?"
The links that I have to her cams have seemed be taken down, BUT HAVE NO FEAR.

She has changed her camera's veiw since my last seeing her, and it seems that she has packed things in the boxes she has previously used as an alarm system of sorts. She has taken to sleeping with her signs in a line beside her and 90% of her "furniture" is gone.
After 3 months, I plan on updateing this blog more often, as I am worried she is still at this.


    14/12/2011 - She's alive and well.

  2. That's good, When she first became popular on /x/ I was quite obsessed with finding out more about her, but it seems that it fucks with you quite a bit so I don't watch her as much as I used to.